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Selected by AIC

Specialised vehicles for safety and wheelchair accessibility

Easier scheduling – portal, app and 24/7 call centre

Experienced and qualified eldercare services provider

Reduced cost because you pay per trip

Smarter route planning algorithm for shorter trips

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Let us walk you through the SilverFleet experience

One-step is all it takes!
From just $30/round trip

Many centres have chosen SilverFleet

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100% committed to your members' safety

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Vehicles equipped with safety features  |  Specially-trained transport staff  |  Established SOP for emergency response

About SilverFleet

SilverFleet is a dedicated provider of wheelchair-friendly transport service for the elderly. Caregivers of the elderly, as well as eldercare centres, engage us because we prioritise safety and personal attention, so our clients feel like they are in the care of family.

SilverFleet is the transport arm of SilverAlly, a homecare provider for the elderly in Singapore with over 20 years of patient assistance experience.

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want to know more about the silverfleet transport solution? 

Contact our Business Development Team:

Email.png        9375-8005

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