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Making Accessibility More Accessible  

We heard you. Besides providing your elderly friends and loved ones with a safe and comfortable ride, SilverFleet now provides a more convenient way for you to take care of your loved ones. Instantly connect with our drivers through our new SilverFleet app to book a ride. Enjoy a smooth travel experience from the time you book the ride to the time your loved ones reach their desired destination. 

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Some clients prefers SilverFleet app because...

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anytime, anywhere
immediate confirmation

Make your booking anytime in the day and get immediate confirmation.

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check the live location of your loved ones 

Track the location of your loved ones at any point of the journey. 

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Ride with distance-based pricing (without surge pricing).   


Choose to pay using debit or credit card, and you are done!

Complete payment in SilverFleet app


Select desired time, date, pick-up and drop-off point and no. of passengers

Book your ride


Select a service 

Choose from SilverFleet, SilverHitch or our partner drivers

Enjoy your ride!


Simple steps to use
   SilverFleet app 


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Download now

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or scan QR code

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  • Who is SilverFleet?
    SilverFleet is a dedicated provider of wheelchair-friendly transport for the elderly. Our fleet of vehicles are equipped with safety features including hydraulic lifts, wheelchair restraints and grip bars. Our drivers undergo CPR, first aid and AED training. Caregivers, as well as eldercare centres, engage us because we prioritise safety and personal attention, particularly for passengers with dementia and other elderly conditions, for trips to daycare centres, hospitals, therapy, etc.
  • Why do people trust SilverFleet when arranging trips for their elderly relatives?
    Unlike a taxi, SilverFleet's vehicles are all equipped with hydraulic lifts. The wheelchair-bound passenger doesn’t need to get out of his wheelchair at the side of the road when boarding or alighting the vehicle. SilverFleet’s drivers undergo CPR, first aid and AED training to ensure the safe transfer of semi-ambulant and dementia clients. Because SilverFleet is part of the Silver group of companies, our sister companies also provide home nursing, home therapy, assistive equipment, etc. Caring for the elderly is in our DNA.
  • Are there any types of trips that SilverFleet specialise in?
    We bring the wheelchair-bound elderly anywhere they need to be! A large number of SilverFleet’s clients use us for arranging their parent’s trips for medical appointments at clinics or hospitals. We also do daily or weekly transfers to daycare centres, dialysis or rehab. Lastly, don’t forget your wheelchair-bound colleagues or relatives during meals or outings, especially during festive periods like Christmas or Lunar New Year.
  • How are SilverFleet’s vehicles sanitised?
    After each transfer, SilverFleet’s driver disinfects the seats and high-touch areas of vehicle with aerosol disinfectant and alcohol wipes. At the end of each workday, the driver sanitises and wipes down entire interior of vehicle with sanitising wipes and anti-bacterial disinfectants. All SilverFleet drivers perform self-test using ART kits on a weekly basis.
  • What are the benefits of using the SilverFleet app?
    Many of our clients prefer using the app for 3 reasons. First, they can make their booking anytime in the day and get immediate confirmation. Second, they can make payment using their credit/debit card. Third, because trips booked on the app use distance-based pricing (without surge pricing), they save money.
  • I prefer not to use the app, can I still book a ride?"
    Yes, of course! Booking requests can be made via SilverFleet’s hotline, website or email found on: However, app bookings are more convenient and cheaper.
  • Why do some clients prefer the SilverHitch pooling service?
    SilverHitch is SilverFleet’s ride pooling service. Clients that choose SilverHitch are open to sharing their ride with up to 1 other wheelchair passenger (and his accompanying travellers). In return, they enjoy significant savings on their fare.
  • What if I have additional requests for the trip that I’m arranging?
    Just call our hotline at 6460-9399! We frequently arrange rental of wheelchairs or other assistive devices or transport assistants to accompany the wheelchair-bound passenger on his trip, personal errand or medical appointment. We can also customise packages if the elderly person needs repeated trips over a period of time, e.g. for rehab.
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